When you buy insurance, you have to answer all sorts of questions. They could be questions about you and your personal history. Alternatively, they could also be questions about the thing you want to insure – such as a car or property. Despite the many insurance questions you might be asked, there are still some you might wish you had been asked.

Evidence suggests that having a dashcam might save drivers as much as 15% on the costs of their insurance. However, only around 25% of insurers asked whether drivers had a dash cam fitted. This means that potentially, there are many people who have dash cams fitted, but were not able to inform their insurers of this.

You are not always able to inform your insurers whether you claimed on a policy after an accident. Most insurers ask for a list of the times you have had an accident or incident in the past. However, many of them do not ask whether these incidents actually led to a claim or not. If insurers think you have made a claim, they are likely to put up your premium. However, if they do not check whether you have made a claim or not, they have no way of knowing.

Despite missing off important questions such as this, many insurers still take all sorts of information that might seem irrelevant. They might take information about marital status, home ownership and job title. While this information might not seem like it is relevant, it can affect your insurance premiums. Changing your job description could lower your premium more than your address.

At Babal Karama Project Management Services, we work with a variety of insurers. This means that we are fully aware of what insurance questions different insurers ask, and how to get the best possible premiums for you from them. We ask the questions that you need to get the best price, and no unnecessary questions.