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If you run a company, you likely need to have some kind of premises on which to carry out business. If you do have a place of business, you will want to cover all the aspects of it that matter to you. Commercial property insurance is specially designed to protect the things that your business needs to function.

We’ll cover your buildings, as well as the fixtures and fittings. That even includes external features, such as gates and fences. We cover the physical parts of your property, so you’re able to continue working. If something does happen to your business, and you aren’t able to work, then we can cover you for interruption of business until you are able to open up again.

We can also cover you for the stock that you keep on site, and the things that help your business like cash and contents.



Buildings and Contents

Protection for business contents

Theft and Damage cover

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You can also buy commercial property insurance online through our underwriter, Abacus. Abacus can cover you for:

Fire, lightning, explosion, flood or earthquake

Theft or attempted theft

Malicious or accidental damage

Contents of common areas

Theft of keys

Commercial Property Insurance FAQs

What does commercial property insurance cover?

It depends on what your business is. We cover all sorts of commercial properties – from shops to offices. We can cover your buildings, contents and more.

Why do I need commercial property insurance?

Commercial Property Insurance is a necessity if you need to be able to yourself and your property safe in case anything unexpected happens.  Our commercial property insurance gives you peace of mind for your commercial property, in case the unforseen were to occur.

Is commercial property insurance a legal requirement?

You are not legally required to purchase insurance for your commercial property. However, it may prove advantageous for you – as many people feel more secure doing business with someone who has insurance.

You also get peace of mind that if something unexpected were to happen to your property, you would be covered. 

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