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At Babal Karama Project Management Services, we can cover properties of all kinds. That means insuring properties that might otherwise find it difficult to get cover. We specialise in the kinds of property insurance that other brokers don’t.

If you need property insurance on a home that has suffered from subsidence or flooding, we can get you cover where others can’t. We offer cover for people who have a conviction history – or for people who might struggle to find cover otherwise. We also cover empty properties, or those that are undergoing works.

Whatever you need your property insurance for, get in touch with us. Let’s see how we can help.

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We have a range of products on offer to purchase alongside your regular home insurance, to offer that extra protection.

Unoccupied House Insurance FAQs

What reasons for the property being unoccupied do you cover?

  • Awaiting probate
  • Awaiting sale or occupation
  • Undergoing or awaiting refurbishment or renovation
  • Left vacant due to the owner being at a second property or abroad, hospitalised or taken in to care

What does holiday home insurance cover?

Holiday home insurance usually covers the same things your standard home insurance covers. This includes fire, lightning, earthquake, explosion, theft, accidental damage and escape of water.

However holiday home insurance will also sometimes include elements to help cover you when letting out a property. This includes loss of rent, theft by your tenants, liability and more. We can even cover you for liability if anything were to happen to your domestic staff.

When you speak to our advisers, they will collect as much information from you as possible about your property and its uses to make sure the policy we get you is a perfect fit for your needs.

Why is home insurance more expensive if you have a criminal record?

Having a criminal conviction will often push up the price of your criminal convicted home insurance premiums. Most insurers will ask about any “unspent” criminal convictions you have had in the last five years. So, any convictions are likely to have an impact on your criminal convicted home insurance costs for this period. This is because, as someone with a conviction you are seen statistically to be a higher risk.

Some convictions will have more of an impact than others on your criminal convicted home insurance. For example, you are more likely to be a risk to insurers if you have previously been convicted for insurance fraud or theft.

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