When you are looking for an insurance policy, it can be easy to fall for what looks like a great deal. However, you have to be careful to make sure that the deal you are getting is as good as it looks. How do you make sure that what you buy is as good as it looks?


One of the most potentially misleading costs you might come across is the value of your insurance excess. The average cost of insurance excesses is increasing with every year. Many home insurance policies have excesses of at least (USD $)100, and some have excesses of (USD $)200 or more. This can mean that your insurance policy seems cheap – but it will cost you (USD $)200 more when you actually need to make a claim.


What you pay for your insurance is not necessarily the last of it. If you need to change anything about your insurance, you may find that you have to pay fees to your insurer. These are ‘admin’ fees. The number of policies with an average admin fee of (USD $)30 or more has risen from around 7% of overall policies to 30%.This means that a great many more customers than ever before are paying larger admin fees.

Getting the Real Deal on your Insurance

There are a few ways that you can get your insurance down to a lower price. One of the easiest is to research who you take out your insurance with. At Babal Karama Project Management Services, we treat all of our clients as individuals. We get to know what you need from your insurance, and make sure that it covers what you need it to. We focus your insurance on your needs, so you know that it is the real deal.

We specialise in cover that other brokers might not offer – for drivers who have a more complicated driving history; or properties that might have more complicated needs. As such, we try to build up a trusting relationship with our clients. At Babal Karama Project Management Services, we offer the real deal on our insurance policies.